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Burnaby Teacher Wins Premier’s Award for Excellence in Education

A Grade 2 teacher from University Highlands Elementary has earned a Premier’s Award for Excellence in Education in the category of Social Equity & Diversity.

Kristina Carley is the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) Lead at her school and has the distinction of creating the 49ͼ’s first elementary Diversity Club. In building the club at her school, Carley provided students with opportunities to make community connections, celebrate learning, and to have authentic situations in which students advocated for themselves. The students sought and received permission to install a Rainbow Walkway at the school.

She is founder and president of , a local Environmental Education Provincial Specialist Association. In addition, she was pivotal in her school earning the distinction of being the first school in BC to be designated as a Fair Trade School.

Watch the video below about Carley that was shared at the awards ceremony.


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Posted October 2023