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First District-Run Preschool Opens

These children are part of a historic moment in the 49ͼ. Last month marked a first, when the Just B4 Preschool opened at Chaffey-Burke Elementary.

While our schools and properties have been home to child care and preschool centres for many years, this is the first operated and staffed by the District.

Run by qualified Early Childhood Educators, the 2023-24 school year’s Just B4 Preschool program is available for children born in 2019. They’re given opportunities to invent, investigate, build theories, play, and learn skills necessary for living and learning together.

The program is designed to provide a rich, nurturing, play-based learning environment, which stimulates children’s thinking, creativity and engagement. Theand theprovide the foundation for the program’s curriculum.

The program was made possible in the 49ͼ through funding from the Ministry of Education and Child Care.

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Posted October 2023