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Weather-related School Closures

We want to remind you about how the 49ͼ shares weather-related school closures.


How are decisions made?

All schools will remain OPEN unless there is heavy snowfall, damage, or other circumstances – such as a power outage – that make it impossible to open for instruction.

When will I know?

We do our best to communicate school or district-wide CLOSURES by 6:30am.

Please note that no announcement will be made that schools are open, except under extreme circumstances.

How will I know?

The information about closures will typically be posted on both the District website and X/Twitter account. However, please keep in mind that there may be situations where this is not possible, such as a power outage. Another way to learn about school closures is through local news stations (online, radio, and TV). Generally, only closures or delays are announced.


What about student safety and family choice?

Student safety is a responsibility we share with families. Please walk your child to the door of the school if you are unsure whether the school is open. If for any reason you feel that your student cannot travel safely then please, as you normally would, notify the school that your child will be absent.

What if schools are open and the weather gets worse throughout the day?

If weather conditions deteriorate throughout the day and create a concern for the safety of students returning home, a decision may be made to dismiss students early. This will be communicated to parents in the best way possible through the schools’ normal communications channels.

How will adult education students be informed?

If weather conditions result in a decision to cancel evening classes, this notice will be made mid-day and posted on the .

Where can I learn more?

Additional information can be found in our Policy Statement.


Updated November 2023